ASP Reseller Hosting – Profiting from’s ASP.NET Reseller Hosting Accounts

Windows reseller hosting and ASP reseller hosting is a great solution for online entrepreneurs, webmasters, and web developers looking to start their own web hosting business with exceptional profit margins and increased revenue. Windows reseller hosting allows you to utilize all the powerful features and ample resources included in the classic ASP and ASP.NET reseller hosting plans to successfully run your own web hosting company.

As an ASP.NET hosting reseller you can start selling hosting services to your customers using the allocated resources available with the ASP.NET reseller hosting plan (such as bandwidth, disk space, RAM, etc). The robust and reliable Windows hosting platform empowers you to deliver high quality reseller hosting solutions and the best value to your customers, while helping you diversify your income stream and generate additional profits.

Gain control and flexibility with ASP.NET reseller hosting plans

Windows reseller hosting packages are extremely robust and feature packed, with a complete billing system available with every ASP/ASP.NET reseller hosting plan. From a basic website to complex eCommerce solutions, reseller ASP hosting accounts can be fully customized and branded to your needs and your customers’ needs. Additionally, ASP.NET reseller hosting enables all of your customers’ business-critical web applications to function with enhanced accuracy, regardless of size and requirements.

Windows reseller web hosting supports a wide range of applications written in various programming languages and development tools. Your ASP/ASP.NET reseller hosting account allows you to mix and use different server-side scripting engines such as ASP, ASP.NET (1.1, 2, 3.5, or 4), and PHP with one or more MySQL and SQL Server and MS Access databases. With access to so many popular scripting languages, you have the ability to develop sophisticated websites and web applications and promote them in various ways to attract new customers and encourage your customers to continue using your web hosting services.

Get a powerful ASP.NET reseller hosting plan backed with full support from the best reseller hosting provider

As a web hosting reseller, you do not have to waste time and money implementing systems to support your customers. When using’s Windows reseller hosting solutions, you get full support from our highly experienced technicians, backed by top-notch hosting technology, allowing you to eliminate 90% of all support-related issues. With’s support, you have more time and resources to invest in attracting new customers and growing your business without having to worry about the technical side of reseller hosting.

With all the incredible features, tools, and support provided by, you can be sure that your ASP.NET reseller hosting business is up and running quickly and seamlessly.

What you get with reseller hosting services ASP reseller hosting accounts include the following features:

  • Reseller accounts support ASP.NET 4.0, 3.5, 2.0, 1.1 – Ajax Framework.
  • All reseller accounts support Classic ASP, PHP, and MySQL Hosting.
  • Free MS SQL Database 2008 with a reseller account.
  • Control all your domains from a single interface using our Custom Control Panel.

Get ready to become a web host and start reselling hosting services provided by to your own customers with the best ASP.NET reseller hosting plans available on the market.

Order our ASP.NET reseller hosting plan today or to learn more about reseller hosting solutions, visit for more details!