Powerful ASP Scripting Technology at Your Fingertips with ASP Web Hosting

Designed as a faster and easier alternative to CGI programming with Perl or C, Microsoft’s Active Server Pages or Classic ASP is an amazing platform for creating dynamic and interactive websites, web pages, and web apps. ASP provides an easy-to-learn scripting interface, along with a number of predefined objects that simplify many development tasks. By combining server-side scripting with HTML, ASP allows developers to achieve advanced performance, reliability, and deployment of any website.

ASP is great for online business owners looking to integrate in-house databases, customer service applications, and other applications with their websites and intranets. ASP sites are also an excellent option when it comes to generating up-to-date product information based on a user’s input and then displaying the required information on-the-fly.

ASP and Microsoft .NET platform

ASP works best with the .NET platform. ASP.NET is another server-side scripting application in the Microsoft .NET Framework. Referred to as the next generation ASP, ASP.NET offers better language support, a large set of new controls, XML-based components, and improved security and user authentication. Unlike classic ASP, which supports only VBScript and Jscript, ASP.NET allows web developers and IT professionals to incorporate usage of extremely efficient next-generation languages such as Java, VB, and C+, giving them ultimate flexibility in the choice of programming languages.

Many ASP hosting providers also offer ASP NET web hosting services. ASP hosting is a great option for those who wish to create powerful, sophisticated and dynamic web applications. ASP/ASP.NET web hosting allows web users to create advanced websites and web pages, compatible with all browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Netscape, and Opera.

Why ASP web hosting?

ASP web hosting lets you take advantage of Microsoft’s ASP or ASP.NET scripting technologies to help make building real world web applications and advanced websites dramatically easier. By using ASP website hosting, companies can give their sites a modern, professional edge that will make their business relevant and get their websites noticed by potential customers.

ASP hosting plans typically include a variety of features, tools, and functionalities that enable businesses and individuals to develop world-class websites.

The features of ASP hosting include:

  • Support for Perl, PHP, Server Side Includes
  • Add-on options for ColdFusion
  • Adequate disk space and bandwidth
  • Web-based control panel
  • FTP access
  • Ecommerce
  • Email accounts
  • MySQL/MS SQL 2008
  • Blogs
  • Live chat
  • Forums
  • and more

ASP hosting can be used to run anything from small, personal websites to large-scale, enterprise-class applications.

Fast, Secure ASP/ASP.NET web hosting with Hostek.com

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