Are you still using Windows 2003 server?

Windows Server 2003 – End of Support – Upgrade

Are you still hosting on Windows 2003 server

Protect your business and upgrade to Windows 2012 R2 very soon.

By running out of date software, you take the unnecessary risk of causing potential loss to your business.  We strongly urge you to upgrade from Windows 2003 right away.

Hostek has helped numerous companies upgrade to Windows 2012 R2.  Many of these companies are moving away from old hardware they have and taking this opportunity to move to the Cloud at the same time.

With our great cloud platform, redundant storage, awesome control panel and backed by an amazing support team, Hostek is the perfect solution to take care of your current and growing needs.

Do yourself a favor and schedule a free, truly no pressure, server consultation today with one of our server solutions experts.  Whether you find we’re the right fit for you or not, you will be glad you learned a proven path for your server needs.  We are here to help!