WordPress on Windows VPS in under 3 minutes

Many companies aren’t comfortable with Linux, they use Windows for everything internal. But you can install a fully functioning installation of WordPress on Windows. You do NOT need Linux to run a WordPress site.

WordPress on Windows VPS with Hostek

Even a highly successful site with lots of traffic can use WordPress on Windows VPS Hosting easily. For businesses this can take pressure off of having to learn something new on top of learning how to use WordPress.

WordPress on Windows or Shared Linux Hosting?

There’s many Linux based options that include an auto installer for WordPress. The pricing for Linux hosting is often cheaper, that’s another huge attraction. These plans often start at $5 or less.

Shared Linux hosting for WordPress can be an excellent choice for some people. There’s a few reasons you might NOT want to.

  1. You want all your websites on a single server, that you control
  2. You have outgrown Shared Hosting (too much traffic)
  3. You resell hosting on your own servers already

Hosting WordPress on a Linux VPS can be more Work

Even if the above reasons aren’t enough to convince the Windows lover from hosting on Shared Linux Hosting. The choice to use Linux for WordPress Hosting vs hosting it on Windows isn’t a night and day difference.

The additional work to get comfortable with a new operating system, or way of doing things can be a strain for minimal gains in performance.

When you SHOULD use Linux VPS for WordPress

There’s some good reasons for using WordPress on Linux. Especially Linux with cPanel (cPanel VPS) for those who need full-service (email, web, database) hosting that’s easy to manage.

  • You’re not familiar with Windows Server anyway
  • Tutorials for tuning your server for faster WordPress Hosting usually refers to Linux
  • You’re comfortable with the command line and/or like Linux Hosting

How to get WordPress on Windows in under 3 minutes

If you’re setting up WordPress manually on a Windows server it will take more time and steps. If your using our Windows Control Panel (WCP for short) you can have WordPress working in under 3 minutes.

Here’s the process from start – to your first blog post:

  1. Order any Windows VPS
  2. Login to our control panel (You can demo WCP here)
  3. Add your first domain
  4. Select your domain from the drop down
  5. Click the “Applications” icon
  6. Find WordPress in the list and click “Install”
  7. Visit the blog in a browser to complete the setup

NOTE: If your not pointing your DNS to the server, you can still browse the site using your preprop URL in “Site Settings”. 

Congratulations, you’ve installed wordpress in under 3 minutes. We highly suggest a few more things to make hosting WordPress on a Windows VPS even more awesome:

  1. Continually update WordPress and any plugins
  2. Consider W3 Total Cache (to make WordPress even faster, works great on Windows)
  3. Don’t install tons of Plugins (this can slow your site WAY down)
  4. Use CloudFlare for even more security and protection

Windows VPS WordPress Installation FAQ:

What about Installing PHP or modifying permissions to get WordPress working?

  • The nice thing about our Windows VPS & control panel is all this is done for you.

Can we run other applications with WordPress on the same Windows VPS?

  • Yes you can.

How can I get a server that is WordPress ready?

  • All of our Windows VPS hosting is WordPress ready. We maintain the latest version in our auto installer so new installations will always be up to date.

If you have other questions about our Windows VPS and would like to speak with us, you can chat with our team from Hostek.com or schedule a consultation and we will call you.

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