Adding domains to your Windows VPS has never been easier!

Having the right tools for the job is often the key to getting a job done successfully.

Windows Control Panel - Adding A Domain Is Easy With Hostek
Providing you with the right tools is a key goal for us.  Below I will outline a few new enhancements you will notice to the Control Panel for our Windows VPS plans.

Customers often tell us we have the best Control Panel.  The feedback you provide helps us keep making improvements and adding new features.

Based on this feedback, a few new enhancements are outlined below:

Windows VPS Add Domain

To accommodate new features and to make adding domains to your Windows based VPS even easier, we have split the Add Domain screen into a Basic and Advanced tab.  The Basic option lets you add a new domain with 1 simple step.

The Advanced option gives you further control over what is setup, not setup, etc.

Default Site Templates – As a new feature for the Advanced option for adding a domain to your Windows VPS, you can pre-define a “site template” and put common files that each new domain should get within that “site template” folder.

Windows VPS Firewall UI Change – To make the Windows Firewall management easier, we have separated this into a Basic and Advanced section.   The Basic section allows for the editing of the common firewall rules, while the Advanced allows you to easily manage all of the firewall rules.

Here at we are committed to providing the best hosting service, fantastic customer support and great tools needed to make managing your hosting needs easier.

Our custom Control Panel is utilized by our Windows VPS plans, ColdFusion VPS plans and our Lucee VPS plans.

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